There are times when certain issues or life events cause emotional distress, problems in relationships or change how we view ourselves. Individuals can become overwhelmed with their emotions or their problems.  Whatever the challenges we face in life a trained professional can assist you in gaining new skills to make a smoother transition and create a more desirable life.

Honoring each person’s unique perspective is central to Ms. Miller’s practice. Her philosophy is to approach each client with an open mind, without judgment in order to create a safe environment for healing and personal growth. She believes in empowerment of the person through identifying strengths and experiencing the therapeutic relationship to explore how one can achieving desired goals.


Depending on length of session, fees range from $90 to $130 per session due at the time of service.   Ms. Miller does take insurance, but depending on the plan she may be an in or out of network provider.  You may call Ms. Miller’s office for details regarding insurance coverage.

Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail her with any questions, or to schedule an appointment.  If you choose to call or email, please include a phone number so she can return your call.

Call now, Ms. Miller looks forward to speaking with you.


(Voice messages only please,  Ms. Miller cannot receive or send text messages).

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