Excerpt from the International Consensus Statement on ADHD January 2002

ADD/ADHD Resources

Daniel Amen Clinic

                              is a comprehensive online medical database featuring information about thousands of medications currently on the market or previously available worldwide

Learning Disabilities of America:

Children with disabilities


Khanacademy uses tutorials to assist learning math and other subjects for people of ALL ages.

This page includes links that deal with autism and a variety of special needs, conditions and issues people may be struggling with.

Parents Helping Parents (PHP) provides lifetime guidance, supports and services to families of children with any special need and the professionals who serve them.

National Dissemination Center for Children With Disabilities

University of Washington

Web site for raising a Sensory Smart child

Virtual support group & information for parents to understand SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder)

Understanding Cutting and Self harm

Help Guide/Information

Mary Bridge: Pediatric Psychology & Psychiatry

University of Washington Specialties in Pedeatrics


Cascade Service Dogs:  (If this link is not working, cut and paste into address window).



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