Autism & Special Needs

Having a child or family member diagnosed with a developmental disability such as: autism, Tourette’s, down syndrome, learning difficulties, ADD/ADHD or any other disability can be scary and often an isolating experience.

Family members, most often parents find themselves in a world of professionals they may know little about as their time is spent going from one medical appointment to another. In addition they often find themselves having to deal with social situations that few people can understand or relate to. These families have unique challenges and stresses that can create strains beyond what is the norm in most families. 

Being that Ms. Miller is a parent of special needs children, she has both professional and personal experience in helping individuals, couples, and families in working through these challenges.

Counseling that has specialized knowledge and insight into these unique challenges can give the family skills needed to bring the desired changes. 

Ms. Miller sees special needs people in both her Olympia and Shelton office.  However, elevator access is only available in the Shelton office. Home visits may be available under certain circumstances.


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